(Part 2) Direct Action

With live coverage of the Cop21 climate summit (Paris Dec 2015) this episode explores the ethics of direct action as a way to make sense of climate change. An issue that divides the public and excites the media to what extent can it achieve meaningful political and social change?

Climate ChangeCop21Direct ActionGreenpeace

This episode features:

David Attenborough


Mike Hudema

Climate & Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace, Canada

Naomi Klein

Author of 'This Changes Everything - Capitalism vs. the Climate'

Peter Newell

Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex

Rex Weyler

Co-founder of Greenpeace International

Richard Tol

Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex


Research by: Juliet Lusted, Tom Kiggell 
Musical Contributions from Brass Quintet Barnacles

Naomi Klein РLet Them Drown РThe Violence Of Othering In A Warming World.  Edward W Said London Lecture 2016

Vice news: protests at the beginning of the COP21 climate summit


  1. A great episode! Running the risk with Naomi was worth it, I was very impressive you managed to scoop an interview with her!

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