Following the high profile killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the US. This podcast episode explores the global political phenomenon which has become #BlackLivesMatter. An enquiry into both the history and lived experiences of being Black in the context of UK and US empire. We explore the meaning of ‘structural violence’ and the love of those who are fighting to dismantle it.

This episode features:

Alan lester

Professor of Historical Geography at the University Of Sussex

Alicia Garza

Co - Creator of the BlackLivesMatter Network

Dequi Kioni-Sadiki

Political Activist

Dr Amilcar Shabaz

Professor of Afro - American Studies at the University of Amherst

Natalie Jeffers

Co - Creator of BlackLivesMatter (Uk)

Sekou Odinga

Former Political Prisoner/ Black Panther Member

Wail Qasim

Writer/ Activist


  1. Are you trying to cause trouble where none exists?
    The UK is not responsible for the global refugee crisis, or the deaths of those escaping their own countries.
    The fact that so many have drowned, whilst tragic, is not the fault of the UK.

    • Hi Tracey,

      There is no implication that the UK is ‘responsible’ for the global refugee crisis. But i’d like to question what makes a refugee different from a tourist or a travelling business opportunity. Should global travel (and indeed globalisation) only be the privilege of the wealthy minority?

      ‘Are you trying to cause trouble where none exists?’ does the trouble not ‘exist’ if it remains on the other side of a legal border?

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