Makere Stewart-Harawira

Indigenous Scholar at the University of Alberta, Canada

Makere is a professor of Indigenous, Environmental and Global Studies in the Department of Educational Policy Studies (at the university of Alberta).  As well as a convenor of the intersections of sustainability collaborative research network: Climate change, water governance and the future of communities.

She teaches courses in Indigenous ontologies and global transformation, sociology of education, international education and development, Indigenous education and philosophy of education in the Theory, Culture and International Specialization. Makere received her PhD from the University of Auckland and came to the University of Alberta following ten years of teaching and program development at Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, an Indigenous (Maori) university in Aotearoa New Zealand, and has also taught at the University of Auckland, Tangaroa College (Auckland) and Hillary College (Auckland).

Selected Publications

Stewart-Harawira, M. (2005) The New Imperial Order. Indigenous Responses to Globalization. London, Eng.: Zed Books; New Zealand & Australia: Huia Books Refereed Book Chapters and Journal Articles
Stewart-Harawira, M. (2014) Re-singing the World. Indigenous Pedagogies and Global Crisis during Conflicted Times. In Sophie Crosier (Ed.) Globalization and Minority Cultures. The role of “minor” cultural groups in shaping our future, International Group and Minority Rights Series, Leiden: Martinus Nijihoff Publishers, pp. 112-130 (in press). Coburn, E.; Stewart-Harawira, M.; Moreton-Robinson, A. and Sefa-Dei, G. (2013) Unspeakable things: Indigenous research and social science. Socio (2).
Stewart-Harawira, M. (2013). Challenging Knowledge Capitalism. Indigenous Research in the 21st Century. Socialist Studies / Études socialistes, North America, Vol. 9, 1, May 2013
Stewart-Harawira, M. (2012). Returning the sacred: Indigenous ontologies in perilous times. Williams, L., Roberts, R., and McIntosh, A., (Eds.) Radical Human Ecology: Intercultural and Indigenous Approaches. Ashgate Publishing Group: U.K.
Stewart-Harawira, M. (2011). Epistemological Equity and Its Discontents: Indigenous Knowledge in the Academy. M. Smith (Ed.). Understudy: Equity in the Academy. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. (Forthcoming)
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Stewart-Harawira, M. (2007). Practicing Indigenous Feminism: Resistance to Imperialism. Joyce Green (Ed.) Making Space for Aboriginal Feminism. Zed & Fernwood.

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