Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez

Indigenous Scholar at the University of Alberta, Canada

Selected Publications:

Knowing the Land, Speaking the Land. Indigenous Women’s Knowledge and Territory (ed. With Nathalie Kermoal), Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, Forthcoming.

“Indigeneity, Law and Performance in the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.” In Helen Gilbert and Charlotte Gleghorn (eds.), Recasting Commodity and Spectacle in Indigenous America. London: Institute for Advanced Studies, University of London Press, 2014.

Indigenous Encounters with Neo-liberalism. Place, Women and the Environment in Canada and Mexico. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2013.

“Nunavut: Whose Home-Land, Whose Voices” Whose Home-Land, Whose Voices.” In Monture, Patricia and Patricia D. McGuire (eds.) First Voices: An Aboriginal Women’s Reader, Toronto: INANNA Publications and Education Inc., pp. 143-153.

“North American First Peoples: Slipping up into Market Citizenship?” Citizenship Studies 8:4 (December 2004): 349-365.

“The Construction of Difference and Indigenous Transnationalism in North America,” in Julian Castro-Rea, ed., Our North America: From Turtle Island to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Surrey: Ashgate Publishing LTD, 2012.

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