Dimitris Dalakoglou

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Sussex

Dimitris Dalakoglou is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Sussex University, which he joined in January 2009 as Lecturer. Before that appointment he was teaching anthropology at UCL for two years. His focus is anthropology of infrastructures and urban public spaces and since 2012 holds an ESRC-Future Research Leaders grant for the project The City at a time of Crisis (crisis-scape.net).

He is the co-editor of Roads and Anthropology, (2014, 2012) of Revolt and Crisis in Greece (2011) and Crisis-scapes: Athens and Beyond (2014). Ηe is the author of various articles and book chapters e.g. neo-Nazism and neoliberalism, the crisis before the crisis, Beyond Spontaneity or the Road from capitalism to capitalism, Migrating-remitting-’building’-dwellingand the Road.

He was an associate and advisory editor of the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest.

He has co-produced the documentaries Future Suspended, the Politics of Knives, and Landscapes of Emergency, see alsoAthens Social Meltdown.

His PhD thesis was titled an Anthropology of the Road (UCL, 2009). Since 2007 is member of the editorial collective of the journal Occupied London and the weblog ‘From the Greek Streets’.

He is Visiting Scholar in Material Culture at UCL, Department of Anthroplogy (2009-Today) and he was  Visiting Scholar at CUNY Graduate Center, Center for Place, Culture and Politics (2013-2014).

Dimitris has been awarded twice the Sussex Teaching Excellence award.


Selected publications


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Vradis, Antonis and Dalakoglou, Dimitris (2010) After December: Spatial Legacies of the 2008 Athens Uprising. Upping the Anti, 10.



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