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Northern Ireland & the Referendum

At the end of May 2018 the Republic of Ireland held a referendum to appeal a law which up until that time, had effectively made abortion illegal. Voters chose by a clear majority to change this law and repeal the 8th amendment. But why does abortion continue to be such a controversial subject? By looking at how issues around the referendum affect the people of Northern Ireland this episode of the Glass Bead Game podcast is an enquiry into what abortion laws mean and how different groups navigate their way around them.

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Queer Super Powers

China and the USA are often depicted on the world stage as super powers with opposing cultural and national characters. This episode of the Glass Bead Game visits youth centres in Southern China and Mid West America to consider how state policy and ideas of national character inform the personal experiences of those that identify as LGBT. Are the cultural differences between China and the US meaningfully comparable and should both countries be doing more to uphold their commitment to the international bill of human rights?

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Capital In Kenya

Over the last 50 years more than 1 trillion dollars in development related aid has been transferred from rich countries to the continent of Africa and yet many would argue that it has not achieved anything near sustainable economic growth or meaningful poverty reduction. This episode of the Glass Bead Game travels to Kisumu, Kenya in order to understand the concept of Aid – Free Development.

What does it mean for one country to consider itself more developed than another? What role does Government, Business or NGO play in addressing the energy and food needs for some of the poorest people on the planet? And how do those on the ground carrying out development understand their motivations for the work they do?

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Tambourine & Fan Social Aid & Pleasure Club.  New Orleans 2016

Parade & Protest in the USA

The USA has elected a new president. Following this controversial and polarising event many cities took to the streets in protest. But what does this mean? What differentiates a protest from a parade or a riot and what does engagement in this type of crowd activity achieve?

Recorded in New Orleans during the election – this episode explores issues of identity, cultural affirmation and crowd behaviour in a new era for the United States of America.

*strong language throughout

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Following the high profile killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the US. This podcast episode explores the global political phenomenon which has become #BlackLivesMatter. An enquiry into both the history and lived experiences of being Black in the context of UK and US empire. We explore the meaning of ‘structural violence’ and the love of those who are fighting to dismantle it.

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Asylum Island

Chios is a small island between Turkey and the Greek mainland that physically embodies a political division between Europe and the rest of the world. Through the testimony of those that live there and those that arrive seeking asylum. This episodes considers the wider phenomena of migration along with its shifting moral and legal status.

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Stasi Grandpa

Marten’s grandfather was a member of the Stasi. Living in modern day Berlin how does he reconcile the bohemian city with its pre 1989 legacy of surveillance and state paranoia? Released to coincide with the UK government’s ‘investigatory powers bill’ this episode explores the meaning of privacy and the significance of agencies that wish to gain complete access to our digital lives.

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(Part 2) Direct Action

With live coverage of the Cop21 climate summit (Paris Dec 2015) this episode explores the ethics of direct action as a way to make sense of climate change. An issue that divides the public and excites the media to what extent can it achieve meaningful political and social change?

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(Part 1) Indigenous Oil

Combining academic research with the anecdotal experience of indigenous groups on the front line of Canada’s environmental conflict. This episode explores the role of story in our on-going relationship with energy, ecology and economics.

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Athens, April 2015